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Whether it is a small renovation of a room or a more complex home extension or a renovation of a bathroom or kitchen we can do it. Our team are fully licensed and qualified, as well as fully experienced. Planning Is extremely important when renovating, why? Because you need to know exactly what you want so you can explain it to your builder so you can get exactly what you want. After all you have to live there.

So have a look around at other homes and see what you like or don’t like. Look up websites such as Pinterest for more ideas. Look in magazines and formulate what you want and why. For example, do you want a shower head on a hose to easily wash kids and pets or one down from the ceiling for the elegant look and unique shower experience? Or possibly just a “normal” on the wall shower head? It’s best to be prepared and have a starting point for your renovations builder.

Do I need a consent for my renovation?

Most renovations need some sort of consent. Ensure you are well prepared before going ahead with any building works, you don’t want the work to get underway and have to stop for consent problems. The laws are very strict around these. We can advise on what you need and help get the needed consents sorted so the whole project can go ahead and get done.
A rule of thumb, if you are doing the following, you will need a consent.

  • Alterations, additions and many structural repairs to existing buildings, for example, removing or changing structural load-bearing walls. In some cases, you will need consent to replace all wall linings at once as they may serve a structural purpose. Any alterations to intertenancy walls, i.e. those separating units in a multi-unit development, will need a building consent.
  • The demolition of existing buildings and structures.
  • The removal or relocation of existing buildings.
  • Sitework, for example, earthworks for a new extension.
  • The construction of decks one metre or more in height above ground level.
  • Retaining walls that:
    • Are above 1.5 metres in height above ground level, or
    • Will retain driveways or structures – the 1.5 metre height limit does not apply in this case.
  • Changing building use, for example, converting your garage into a bedroom.
  • Plumbing or drainage work (other than routine maintenance).
  • Installing or replacing an inbuilt, free-standing log and solid fuel burner, heater or open fire place.
  • Putting in a swimming or spa pool.
  • Installing communications aerials for television repeaters, mobile phones or radio (but not standard home television antennae).
  • The construction of substantial fences such as a fence made out of concrete requiring heavy foundations, or a fence over two metres high.

For more information please about works not requiring consent, please visit BUILDING PREFORMANCE

What materials should I select?

Certified Builders

Housing needs different materials for different areas, for example if you are living near the beach you need to think about the effects of salt spray. Or if you live in a high rain or heavy weather area you need good quality weather protection. Above all we recommend to use quality and NZ approved materials, you want your home to last a lifetime or more. We know all about the best materials to use so they will last the test of time, we know what will be less maintenance and what will save you money in the long term.

Kitchen Renovations

House Extentiions

When renovating a room like your kitchen or bathroom it’s a good idea to leave the main elements where they are. Also the kitchen truly is the heart of your home so think about things like size. Storage is also something to think about. A breakfast bar is a very common thing to add to a kitchen renovation. has a great selection of kitchens to select from. In general, we will prepare a designed kitchen plan on paper to suit your demands and expectations before any commitments are made. This will allow you to budget correctly and get a good look and feel before jumping into a large investment.

Depending on your requirements, on average, a kitchen renovation will cost between $10,000 and $40,000 + (or more).

Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

As with the kitchen think about leaving the main elements where they are. Think about where you want to store your towels. Do you want it for a family or just a couple? With a family adding things like a double sink can be a great advantage. Or do you want to add on an ensuite to the master bedroom?

There are many renovations you can do around the bathroom without having to apply for a consent. If you are looking at upgrading your hot water cylinder to instantaneous hot water for example, no consent is required. As long as the installers are legally registered and can produce a compliance certificate, such works can take place with no problem.

Depending on your requirements, a bathroom renovation can cost around $5,000 – 10,000 + (or more).

Can I convert my garage?

If you are looking at adding a room, the garage already has the main components in place, walls and floor so it is easy to just fully seal a garage and carpet it. If you need an extra bedroom you may be able to go up instead of out. What about other rooms, think about an extra lounge If you are needing more space. Also knocking down walls and making the home more open can give the feel of a bigger house without doing too much. Or adding on a playroom for the kids is a welcome addition to a family home.

Kitchen Renovations $10,000 $ 40,000 + (OR MORE) Pre-design recommended
Bathroom Renovations $5,000 $ 10,000 + (OR MORE) Pre-design recommended
House Extension $35,000 $ No Limit Based on 2 additional BD + 1 Bathroom average costs

Full Home Extensions

A house extension is around $35,000. These costs obviously vary with what you want. We can offer a free quote, just give us a call and let us know what you have in mind. Don’t over invest in a rental or properties you are going to sell. The normal idea is to make a profit on a property, so if too much is spent it can reduce the amount you will receive in your own pocket. If you are selling, sometimes just a fresh coat of paint or new carpet can make a huge difference and add value to your evaluation.

A full house renovation is a big project to take on. Make sure you have done the research on a good team to work with. Ring companies’ references, even go and see their work. Make sure you work with a trusted and reliable builder.

Why use experienced builders?

The last thing you want is a builder using your home renovation as an experiment or ending up on a programme like cowboy builders. A fully licensed and experienced builder knows what can be done and what can’t, what you need in the way of consents and the law. A renovation is a big commitment and can be a stressful job so having someone on your side who knows exactly what’s what can make the whole thing go much smoother and cheaper.
So why choose for your renovation?

  • Fully licensed
  • Fully qualified
  • Fully experienced
  • We know everything about a renovation so we can discus things you may not have thought of
  • We value you as our customer.

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